International innovation projects


Swissphone Wireless - Enhanced alarm system for lone workers

Guarantee the safety of lone workers thanks to an ultra-reliable communication system. This is the goal of a project led by Zurich-based company Swissphone Wireless AG in collaboration with the German Frauenhofer research institute.
Versuchsaufbau zur Messung des Schaltverlusts von Leistungshalbleitern, Internationales Innovationsprojekt (ECSEL) von der BRUSA AG und der ETH

ECSEL: Charging electric vehicles more efficiently

In the European cooperation project Power2Power, which runs until May 2022, 43 partners from eight countries are jointly conducting research and developing innovative power semiconductors with higher power density and energy efficiency. Power semiconductors are required at all stages of energy conversion: in generation, transmission and use.

Last modification 28.09.2021

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