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Disigel - Long-term protection guaranteed thanks to a new disinfectant

Disigel is an innovation project, supported by Innosuisse, whose aim is to develop a hand disinfectant that lasts for several hours.

Quantum Integrity SA - Detecting faked photos and videos

The Swiss start-up Quantum Integrity SA helps to detect fake photos and videos quickly and easily with its software. Their further development with a research partner is being supported by Innosuisse in an innovation project.


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recapp IT – Speech recognition for the languages spoken in Switzerland

Being able to transcribe the languages spoken in Switzerland, particularly Swiss German, is the mission of the Valais-based start-up recapp IT, which has developed a voice recognition system to transform conversations into text.

Reproducing pulmonary function in the lab

Taking a journey inside the complex human lung AlveoliX's goal is to reproduce how this organ works within the human body. The organ-on-chip technology developed by the Bernese start-up reproduces the functioning of the lung on a small scale.

Innovation mentoring

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Using a colouring agent to lubricate skis?

Until now no one had come up with the idea. In this process the colouring agent indigo forms water-repellent layers. And it is environmentally friendly to boot, unlike the highly fluorinated hydrocarbons used in conventional professional waxing, which is toxicologically and ecologically questionable.

Programme BRIDGE

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More efficient solar panels thanks to the BRIDGE programme

Engineers from CSEM, EPFL and EMPA are developing a new technology for industrial use. It will increase the efficiency of photovoltaic panels.

Smart clothing to combat pressure ulcers

Innovation against pressure ulcers: supported by the BRIDGE programme, Professor Ursula Wolf is working on the development of a textile sensor system that raises the alarm in the event of danger.

Energy funding programme SCCER

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Recycling concrete sustainably

The production of cement, the material that binds concrete, is very stressful for the environment and is alone responsible for 5 to 7 per cent of global CO2 emissions.

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