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Innosuisse calls on interested actors to apply for the implementation of a four-year NTN Innovation Booster. NTN Innovation Boosters are initiatives that aim to spur innovation activities around a theme through concrete ideas development and testing. They increasingly promote radically new ideas for innovation.

From 2022-2025 Innosuisse will be able to support five to eight thematically different initiatives. The interested actors can apply by sending the application form on this page to the email address until March 26th 2021.

What is an NTN Innovation Booster?

An NTN Innovation Booster brings together Swiss actors from research, business and society around an innovation theme and stimulates the development and testing of concrete, radically new ideas. New scientific findings provide important impetus.

How does it choose its theme?

Each NTN Innovation Booster chooses an innovation theme that is unique in Switzerland which it defines together with interested parties. This guarantees the theme to be of great importance for research and implementation partners. It must clearly distinguish itself from initiatives that are already being funded.

New business models, the innovation culture itself or innovation methods are also possible innovation themes.

How does it work?

Actors along the entire value chain of a theme develop concrete solution, product and service ideas in interdisciplinary innovation teams. Customer needs and the feasibility and profitability of the idea take centre stage.

The NTN Innovation Booster teaches the teams the necessary methods and promotes selected ideas by contributing funds to development and testing. This favours an agile process in which ideas can be improved and more radical innovations can emerge.

The NTN Innovation Booster creates the framework necessary for transferring knowledge in an open innovation culture.

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