The future NTN – Innovation Boosters (2021-2024)

The call for the NTN Innovation Booster was met with great success. 64 consortia gathering the academia and the industry applied for funding with proposals covering a large number of topics and in particular health, digitalisation and sustainability. Innosuisse thanks all applicants. After the two-step evaluation process, results will be communicated in August 2020.

This page describes the future NTN – Innovation Booster initiatives. The call for proposals closed on 28th of February 2020 and the results will be communicated in August 2020 after the two-step evaluation process. The NTN - Innovation Boosters are intended to give SMEs a competitive edge through cooperation with partners along the value chain and by incorporating the knowledge, skills and technologies of the universities. In addition to incremental innovations, more radical innovation ideas are also to be promoted.  

What are NTN – Innovation Boosters?

The NTN – Innovation Boosters bring together interested teams from universities, business and society at national level around a defined innovation theme and stimulate the emergence and testing of concrete innovation ideas. Themes of economic relevance are to be addressed in an innovative manner: new scientific findings provide important momentum and may lead to the launch of process, product or service innovations in the foreseeable future. The novel applications can impact both industry and the services sector.

What are the thematic priorities?

Each NTN – Innovation Booster has its own thematic focus, which is determined by the consortium. The term innovation theme can be interpreted broadly and in addition to technology-based innovation themes, it may also focus on business model innovations, innovation culture or innovation methods.

The overriding theme of each NTN – Innovation Booster is defined, taking account of the involvement of the relevant stakeholders to ensure that the theme is highly relevant and attracts a great deal of interest among both universities and implementation partners.

How does an NTN – Innovation Booster work?

Within the framework of an NTN – Innovation Booster, relevant customer needs are addressed together, new approaches to solutions are developed and future business areas are discussed. The aim is to develop concrete, verifiable solution, product and service concepts. Innovation ideas should consider all important aspects from the outset and actively include both the customers’ needs and the framework conditions of the implementation partners to ensure a successful market launch right from the onset. Customers’ needs, feasibility and profitability should be the focus of the NTN – Innovation Booster.

As part of this process, the NTN – Innovation Booster provides direct funding to selected innovation teams for the development and testing of innovation ideas. This promotes an agile process and continuously improves the quality of ideas. In addition, collaborative learning and the exchange of experiences between the teams is specifically targeted and potential forms of support for the subsequent development of the innovation idea are demonstrated.

The NTN – Innovation Boosters play a role as part of the innovation chain and draw on existing synergies. In so doing, they focus on the needs of the innovation stakeholders, ranging from the selection of themes to the needs for further support outside the NTN – Innovation Boosters.  

In addition to supporting concrete innovation ideas, an «NTN – Innovation Booster» contributes to developing and applying of methods and formats for the joint development of ideas and the successful transfer of knowledge and technology.

The innovation teams are also introduced to methods of agile innovation development and shown how these can be successfully applied in the development and verification of viable innovation ideas.
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