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The applications received cover a wide range of topics, particularly in the areas of health, digitalisation and sustainability. In a first two-stage process, Innosuisse has approved twelve NTN – Innovation Boosters for the funding period 2021-2024. More information.

Innovation projects often only get off the ground if they involve the right combination of partners from research and business. Innosuisse supports ten national thematic networks (NTNs), which help to bring these two worlds together and to boost the transfer of knowledge and technology.

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The NTNs are nationwide networks specialising in a specific innovative topic which give you access to infrastructure and research as well as potential industry partners. They provide opportunities to network and exchange ideas with other representatives from industry and research in your field of innovation, creating the ideal conditions for you to forge ahead with your development and enhance the innovative strength of your business or research activity in a lasting way.

Ten national themed networks at your disposal

Carbon Composites Schweiz

The Carbon Composites Schweiz NTN is committed to ensuring the industrial breakthrough of high-performance composite materials in Switzerland. It aims to turn the development of composites technology into a driver of innovation for all of Switzerland. The right concentration of expertise across the whole value chain allows skills in these key technologies to be exploited for the benefit of Swiss industry. Improved access to export markets in Europe and around the world is another aim objective of the NTN.


Inartis Network

Innovations made in Switzerland: the mission of the Inartis Network is to create economic value and new jobs in Switzerland by means of innovation in the field of life sciences. Since 2013 it has supported more than 90 projects involving Swiss companies and research institutions. The Inartis Network offers innovative organisations access to transdisciplinary networks of experts covering different industries. The network regularly brings together leading players at conferences, workshops and trade fairs. 


Innovative Surfaces

Modern surface technology goes a long way towards providing solutions to overarching challenges in various different areas. The Innovative Surfaces NTN helps Swiss industry to exploit the booming innovative potential in surface technology. It creates opportunities for innovation projects that are based on a high level of expertise and oriented towards the future. The NTN’s cooperation platforms makes the cross-sectoral topic of surface technology accessible to a wide range of industry applications.


Swiss Food Research

The Swiss food industry has been under high pricing pressure for a few years now, owing to factors such as high costs, the relatively small domestic market, intensifying import pressure, increasing shopping tourism and the retail trade price war. On top of this, there are always new requirements for food safety, health or ecology. The Swiss Food Research NTN is the only national initiative that supports research-based innovation in this area, helping to enhance the ability of businesses to compete on the market.



The Swissphotonics NTN is run by the Verein Schweizer Laser und Photonik Netz (SLN). Over the next ten years, photonics will have a huge influence on the industry’s competitiveness on the European market. National platforms have been set up to facilitate easy access to research institutions and international programmes and networks. 


Swiss Wood Innovation Network

The Swiss Wood Innovation Network NTN is the result of a merger between the Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Holzforschung (SAH) and the F+E Konsortium Netzwerkholz. It covers the forest and wood value chain with the following aspects: supplying raw materials, chemical utilisation, energy utilisation, components and materials, support structures and building, and material flow analyses. In doing so, the members form a network comprising high levels of expertise and support an innovative, intelligent and customer-oriented supply and utilisation of wood resources.



Verein Netzwerk Logistik

Against a backdrop of increasing globalisation of value chains and revitalisation of sales and purchasing markets, logistics is very important in Switzerland. It presents a key skill for the competitiveness of Swiss industry. The Verein Netzwerk Logistik NTN brings together businesses, research institutions, technology transfer centres and logistics providers, enabling the development of innovations and synergies in logistics. 


Additive Manufacturing Network (AM-Network)

This National Thematic Network (NTN) is promoting the introduction of additive manufacturing (AM) in Swiss industry. The technology, which is also known as professional 3D printing, allows components to be manufactured directly from digital 3D models. Because of the way it differs from traditional production processes, it opens up new applications that have not been available until now. The AM-Network's objective is to make the major innovation and differentiation potential of professional
3D printing available to Swiss businesses. 


Virtual Switzerland Association

Virtual Switzerland aims to promote technology transfers between academic institutions and the world of business in the field of virtual and augmented reality. The core areas of this NTN include medtech, construction and architecture, manufacturing, tourism and culture, because these are areas where virtual and augmented reality has significant potential. Virtual Switzerland provides its members with concrete support for the implementation of their ideas by means of networking, workshops and advice.


Swiss Alliance for Data-intensive Services (data+service)

Digitisation is changing everything and, in particular, the way we do business. The Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services is making a significant contribution towards transforming Switzerland into an internationally recognised hub for data-driven value creation. This NTN focuses on cooperation within an interdisciplinary expert network of innovative companies and universities with the aim of pooling knowledge from a variety of different areas, including information technology, artificial intelligence, business and psychology, in order to produce market-ready products and services.

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