22 Swiss start-ups ready for scaling

22 start-ups have received the Innosuisse Scale-up Award. They can now access the second phase of the Scale-up Coaching programme to further accelerate their growth with support of specialised Innosuisse coaches.
BRIDGE Discovery projects: Turning research into applications

BRIDGE Discovery projects: Turning research into applications

The Discovery projects completed to date under the BRIDGE funding programme have all developed positively towards potential applications: this is the conclusion reached in an external evaluation, which was commissioned by the SNSF and Innosuisse.
patent searches

End of free services with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

With effect from 1 May 2024, the patent search services previously offered free of charge to Innosuisse applicants will be discontinued. However, costs associated with research into intellectual property issues will possibly still be covered as part of the direct project costs chargeable for approved applications from certain funding schemes.
Scale-up Coaching-new-web

Twenty-eight Swiss start-ups have entered phase 1

The companies taking part in phase 1 of Scale-up Coaching are now known. The call for applications ran from July to September 2023 and saw a record number of 40 applications submitted.
Neue IR Mitglieder

Innosuisse elects seven new members to the Innovation Council

The Board of Directors of Innosuisse has elected seven new members to the Innovation Council. They will join the innovation funding agency in January 2024. At the same time, eight distinguished members of the Innosuisse Innovation Council will leave Innosuisse at the end off 2023.

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