Assessment and decision

Evaluation und Entscheid

The assessment process

The Innosuisse secretariat and the FOPH will carry out a preliminary check of your application. The content of your application will then be assessed in a first step by experts commissioned by Innosuisse based on technical and financial assessment criteria set out below. If necessary, your application may be assessed with regard to its clinical usefulness in a second step by clinical experts commissioned by the FOPH. Taking into account these assessments, the FOPH will decide whether your project will receive funding by the end of October 2021.

Assessment criteria

Following the preliminary check, your application will be assessed on the basis of the Federal Council’s funding criteria:

Federal Council’s funding criteria Derived assessment criteria

1. The funded projects should make a contribution to the secure and rapid provision of COVID-19 medicines for Switzerland and it should be highly likely that the medicines will be available to the Swiss population by the end of 2022.

Is the project clinically necessary?

Is the clinical development plan feasible from a technical and clinical/epidemiological perspective?

2. The projects should show a high level of potential for clinical innovation.

How does the added value of the project compare with alternatives that are already available or will soon be?

3. The subsidiarity and necessity of the support must be guaranteed.

Is government support necessary for the project to be completed successfully? Could the project also be financed solely with private funds? Is the requested level of funding appropriate?

4. The scientific quality and robustness of the development plan must be guaranteed.

Is the scientific and technical design of the project appropriate?

5. Applicants and project partners must demonstrate the relevant expertise in pharmaceutical development projects and a robust business plan.

Do the applicant and any project partners have the experience and ability to deliver the project on time and to a high level of quality? 

The FOPH will ensure that applications are handled in a transparent and equitable manner.


Your application is approved
The FOPH will inform you in writing about the positive decision and will conclude a subsidy contract with you in accordance with article 19 of the Federal Act on Financial Assistance and Subsidies (Subsidy Act: SubA; SR 616.1).

The nine funding applications received, with a total requested funding amount of around CHF 52 million, were evaluated by experts on behalf of Innosuisse and the FOPH. On the basis of these assessments, the FOPH entered into discussions with four applicants at the end of October 2021 regarding funding for the submitted projects.

Your application is rejected
The FOPH will reject your application and state its reasons. You are entitled to a response under the right to a hearing. Appeals can be lodged against the FOPH’s decision with the Federal Administrative Court within 30 days.

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