NTN: stronger focus on the collaborative and agile development of innovation ideas

The new-generation National Thematic Networks (NTNs) backed by Innosuisse are intended in future to support innovators from academia, business and society at large more directly in the development and testing of new, viable innovation ideas.

New emerging technologies and interdisciplinary and cross-industry business models offer Swiss companies attractive opportunities for their future and growth. The modernised concept of the new NTNs brings together teams interested in a concrete innovation topic and stimulates a mutual exchange. Together, relevant needs will be addressed, new approaches formulated and future business areas discussed. The aim is to develop concrete, verifiable product and service concepts. Innovation ideas address all important aspects and actively include customer needs in considerations right from the start.

As part of this process, the NTN provides direct funding to the teams for the development and testing of novel innovation ideas. This promotes an agile process and continuously improves the quality of ideas. In addition, the NTN promotes joint learning and the exchange of experiences between the teams and identifies potential forms of support for the further development of the idea later on.

The new orientation of the networks will be of particular benefit to SMEs that want to gain a competitive advantage by working with partners along the value chain and tapping into university-level know-how, skills and technologies (open innovation). In addition to incremental innovations, more radical innovation ideas are also to be promoted.

Last modification 29.11.2019

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