Internationally oriented companies are increasingly taking advantage of Innosuisse’s offers


International innovation projects are on the rise in Switzerland. In 2020, Innosuisse received 261 applications for innovation projects with foreign partners and approved 88 of them. A survey of the use of Innosuisse's support offers by the participating implementation partners showed that one third submitted a funding application to Innosuisse for the first time and two-thirds benefited from additional support offers.

In 2020, demand for international innovation projects in Switzerland was higher than ever before. Thanks to the quality of the applications, Innosuisse was able to approve more than 30 percent of the applications and thus meet a large part of the demand from Swiss companies. This excellent quality led to Switzerland taking second place behind the Netherlands in the Active and Assisted Living (AAL) programme and third place behind Germany and the Netherlands in the Eurostars programme.

But how does this high level of competitiveness of Swiss companies come about? An analysis of the use of the support offers provides clues. Of the 84 successful implementation partners (62% SMEs, 17% start-ups, 12% large companies, 9% end-user organisations), 26 came into contact with Innosuisse’s support offers for the first time. In the majority of cases, Euresearch’s consulting services have led these companies to Innosuisse.

The other 58 implementation partners benefited from supplementary support offers from Innosuisse:

  • First and foremost is Innovation projects. 35 companies have developed the basis for their innovative solutions in cooperation with a Swiss research institution. Of these companies, eight were able to translate their ideas into a solid innovation project thanks to an innovation cheque.
  • In second place are the networking services offered by Enterprise Europe Network. 22 companies have found suitable international partners thanks to this service from Innosuisse.
  • Thanks to the support of the innovation mentors, 16 companies have honed their funding applications and thus prevailed against competitors.
  • Thanks to the support of the Innosuisse coaches, 13 start-ups developed their business models in a way that they were able to convince an international panel of experts.

The variety of ways in which Swiss companies can successfully apply for funding for an international innovation project shows the different needs of SMEs in particular. Strong bridges between Innosuisse’s support offers thus promote the competitiveness of Swiss companies in international competition.

The company Alveolix is a good example of complementary promotion. The start-up benefits from several Innosuisse offers. On the one hand, it participated in the coaching programme for start-ups and obtained the Innosuisse certificate. On the other, the young company uses the Eurostars programme to further develop its products in cooperation with international partners.

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Last modification 09.04.2021

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