Go global – Current calls in European funding programmes

Two open calls from the European funding programmes Eurostars and AAL

The European funding programme “Horizon 2020” will soon be coming to a close. This will also mark the end of the partnership initiatives AAL and Eurostars, in which Innosuisse represents Switzerland. This summer, Swiss institutions from business and research have another opportunity to apply for funding.

The European Union’s 8th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, ends this year. One of the key pillars of Horizon 2020 are its "partnership initiatives", which are jointly financed by the EU and national funding organisations. Innosuisse has led the partnership initiatives AAL, ECSEL and Eurostars since the beginning of 2019. The current AAL and Eurostars calls represent two of the final opportunities to benefit from Innosuisse and Horizon 2020 funding.

AAL – Digital solutions for ageing
The AAL funding programme supports start-ups, SMEs, research institutions and other organisations that wish to jointly develop their innovations at an international level.

The submission deadline for this year’s calls for the European funding programme “Active and Assisted Living” (abbreviated AAL) has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has now been set for 24 August 2020. The programme supports projects in which new technologies are used to develop innovative, marketable solutions that are tailored to demographic development and increasing demand for products and services for older people. The 2020 call is geared towards digital solutions that support healthy ageing. It should additionally be possible to integrate the funded projects into existing care institutions.

Eurostars – Optimal start or expansion of international collaborations
Eurostars is an international funding programme supported by 33 countries from Europe, Canada, South Africa and South Korea. It offers SMEs the opportunity to further develop innovative products and services together with partner companies or research teams from the participating countries. The aim is to promote the competitiveness not only of innovative companies, but also of existing and new value chains. The funding programme, which has no restrictions in terms of subject area, offers project partners from Switzerland an attractive opportunity to enter into or expand international collaborations (funding ratio for SMEs and research institutions: 50%, large companies: 25%).

Project submissions from SMEs, large companies, universities and other research institutions for the current Eurostars call are being accepted until 3 September 2020.

Combinable and compatible funding instruments
The funding instruments offered by Innosuisse can be combined with each another. The “Quality End of Life” (in German) project by We+Care, for example, was funded as part of last year’s AAL call and received support along the way from an Innosuisse innovation mentor. “With COVID-19, the demand for digitisation in the field of in-home care and nursing has increased. The AAL programme supports We+Care in developing innovative solutions in this area. The support provided by Innosuisse’s innovationmentor laid the foundation for a new kind of opportunity to invest in the informal care sector,” says Patrick Hofer, co-founder of We+Care.

GenomSys SA is likewise benefiting from multiple funding instruments: Building on an innovation project with EPFL supported by Innosuisse, and with the help of the international partner search within the framework of the “Enterprise Europe Network” (EEN, for short), the Lausanne start-up was able to locate suitable project partners in Spain, France and the UK and has been supported by the Eurostars programme since spring 2019.

To accompany the launch of Horizon Europe, the new European framework programme for research and innovation, successor programmes to AAL and Eurostars have been planned beginning in 2021. Co-financing by Innosuisse is being examined. Innosuisse intends to communicate the specific scope of participation opportunities for researchers and business partners from Switzerland at the beginning of 2021.

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