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Innosuisse has recruited new coaches to meet the current growing demand for coaching activities for start-ups. A total of 77 new coaches were selected following a call for applications launched at the beginning of the year. From this summer, the Swiss Innovation Agency will call on 199 coaches. Up to now, there have been 122.

Accreditation of new coaches was necessary to continue to offer start-ups high-quality services. The number of start-ups actively supported in the coaching programme rose significantly last year, and around ten coaches left Innosuisse at the end of the year. Coaches active in the Innosuisse start-up coaching programme are experienced entrepreneurs who are established in Switzerland.

Innosuisse uses three types of coaches: regular coaches, scale-up coaches and specialist coaches. Regular coaches draw on their own experience as founders or co-founders of a science-based start-up to advise a start-up’s management team on those aspects of business that are important for its creation and development. Scale-up coaches rely on their experience in organisational growth to support entrepreneurs during the growth phase of their company. Specialist coaches offer start-ups tailored workshops and provide targeted advice in their area of expertise. They have been selected based on their in-depth expertise in very specific areas such as digital marketing and advertising or cybersecurity for start-ups.

Furthermore, this summer, 33 women will be joining the pool of coaches. This increases the percentage of women by 10% to a total of 58 women. All newcomers will take up their posts on 1 July 2021.

More information on the Start-up Coaching programme.

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Last modification 07.07.2021

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