Innosuisse is expanding its Internationalisation Camps to Japan and South Korea

Start-ups supported by Innosuisse will soon be able to go to Japan or South Korea to develop their business internationally. Two new camps are opening this year to meet the growing demand. These destinations were chosen in particular because of the potential of the Asian market and the appeal of their markets for Swiss start-ups.

Young companies currently in the Innosuisse coaching programme have the opportunity to enrich their experience abroad by participating in Internationalisation Camps. Twelve camps are currently available, offering these companies the opportunity to test or even establish themselves in new markets such as New York in the USA, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil or London in the UK.

Innosuisse will soon be offering two new destinations in Asia: Japan and South Korea. This expansion has come about because demand for Internationalisation Camps has been steadily increasing in recent years (see illustration). Furthermore, expanding the offer of camps to new Asian markets is a necessary step in order to meet the demand from start-ups in the Innosuisse coaching programme. The World Bank forecasts that Asian markets in general will show significant growth despite the global pandemic.


Japan and South Korea were chosen more specifically for their economic and commercial appeal. “There is strong demand from Swiss entrepreneurs for these destinations. In addition, there is a free trade agreement and cooperation in research, education and innovation between these destinations and Switzerland. This makes them ideal markets,” explains Marcel Hofstetter, head of the Internationalisation Camp programme at Innosuisse. As with previous camp expansions, the new sites will be introduced as part of a three-year pilot project. Two years after their introduction, they will be evaluated, and the Innosuisse Innovation Council will decide whether they should be continued.

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Last modification 29.06.2021

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