Advice on how to develop innovation projects effectively in small and medium-sized organisations

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You want to ensure you exploit opportunities to the full but are uncertain whether you are on the right track with your innovation project? SMEs can benefit from the support from people with vast experience and genuine interest in the development of the organisation.

Our advice: as an SME take advantage of free support from an Innosuisse mentor to develop your innovative project up to and including submission of your funding application.

The Innosuisse mentors provide just the kind of support needed by SMEs developing innovative products, processes or services. Innovation mentors take the time to properly understand the ideas, requirements and situation of your company, provide support with advice during negotiations with project partners and offer highly effective support to put innovative projects on the right track and maximise their chance of success.

More specifically, they support your SME by carrying out a comprehensive feasibility analysis of your concept, help you to prepare a funding application or to review one previously rejected. The mentor provides support during project development up to and including submission of your funding application while Innosuisse pays the costs of this service.

Public and non-profit organisations can also apply for support from a mentor if the organisation has fewer than 250 FTEs.

SMEs, private or public organisations with less than 250 FTEs and based in Switzerland are eligible for the mentoring service. 330 SMEs, municipalities and associations benefited from this support in 2019.

>> Apply as well for support to develop your innovation project.

Result of survey on mentoring

Customer feedback on Innosuisse mentoring

343 SMEs, private and public organisations applied for mentoring services in 2019. 96% received support from a mentor because they met the formal criteria, on one hand, and provided evidence of an innovative business idea and the need for support from a mentor, on the other.

In a survey conducted in 2019, 83% of 183 SMEs indicated that working with a mentor had a positive impact on project development. 90% of companies would recommend the mentoring service. The response rate for this voluntary feedback stood at over 60%.

Find more information about the mentoring service and the application form.

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