Austria assumes the chairmanship of EUREKA

Austria has taken over the chairmanship of EUREKA and will therefore be overseeing cooperation between innovation ministries and agencies across more than 47 countries, as well as the European Commission, for a period of one year.

BRIDGE ist ab 2021 für Forschende aller Disziplinen offen

BRIDGE: for experienced researchers in all disciplines as of 2021

The BRIDGE programme supports the transition from basic research to science-based innovation. As of 2021, the entire programme of Innosuisse and SNSF will be open to all disciplines.


“Swiss start-ups need to keep on thinking bigger and dare to take more risks.”

Dominique Gruhl-Bégin is Head of the Start-up Division at Innosuisse. On the occasion of the TOP Swiss Startup Award on 9 September in Zurich, the head of the Swiss Startup Network shares her views on the development of the startup ecosystem in Switzerland. In her opinion, the coordination of the support offer for start-ups and the collaboration among players in the ecosystem with one another marks an important change in recent years.

Two open calls from the European funding programmes Eurostars and AAL

Go global – Current calls in European funding programmes

The European funding programme “Horizon 2020” will soon be coming to a close. This will also mark the end of the partnership initiatives AAL and Eurostars, in which Innosuisse represents Switzerland. This summer, Swiss institutions from business and research have another opportunity to apply for funding.

Industrie in Zeiten des Coronavirus

Covid-19: This is how Innosuisse supports you

Update: 23.06.2020
During the pandemia, Innosuisse supports its funding clients by providing pragmatic and unbureaucratic solutions. Find out more about the latest measures for innovation projects, Innovation Cheques, or Start-up Coaching.

Bild_Artikel Startup und Innoprojekte

Innovations in the fight against Covid-19

Update: 11.06.2020
Seeking new ideas and solutions from science and implementing them on the market is of vital importance in times of crisis. Swiss innovators from all parts of the country are currently helping to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic with their innovations. Many of them are being supported by Innosuisse.


Switzerland is a leading player in biotechnology

Dr. Bettina Ernst, Vice-Chairperson, Innosuisse Innovation Council explains why she believes Switzerland ticks all the boxes when it comes to being a leading player in the development of biotechnology.


Becoming an Innosuisse expert, a true vocation

A recognised track record in scientific research and innovation and a desire to learn: these are the ingredients you need to become an expert. Yves Perriard has many years of experience in this area.


The Start-up Training courses are delivered online

Despite coronavirus, Innosuisse is continuing courses in modules 2 to 4 of the Start-up Training programme. The Start-up Training providers have turned them into interactive e-learning without disruption, while maintaining the focus around the key areas of experiential learning, customer centricity and gamification.


Coronavirus: Innosuisse answers your questions about innovation funding

The current turbulence is also impacting innovation funding. In light of the situation, our clients are turning to us with their many questions and concerns. We are here for you: Innosuisse will answer your questions and look for pragmatic solutions to support you during these difficult times. If you have questions, please get in touch with your contact person at Innosuisse. You can find them on our website under the respective funding instruments.


"2019 was a successful funding year for Innosuisse"

Innosuisse's funding business was highly successful in 2019. At the end of the year, over 800 applications for innovation projects were submitted to Innosuisse, 65 percent more than in the previous year. Some 480 start-ups applied for coaching.

Mentoring d'Innosuisse

Advice on how to develop innovation projects effectively in SMEs

You want to ensure you exploit opportunities to the full but are uncertain whether you are on the right track with your innovation project? SMEs can benefit from the support from people with vast experience and genuine interest in the development of the organisation.


The innovation cheque as an entry into science-based innovation

The innovation cheque helps start-ups and SMEs in Switzerland to test innovation ideas in collaboration with a research partner. It is a popular funding instrument. In 2019, Innosuisse received 559 applications, and 400 preliminary studies were carried out.


Eleven start-ups enter the second phase of Scale-up Coaching

Eleven Swiss start-ups have been selected to continue their journey with Innosuisse’s Scale-up Coaching programme. Over the last few weeks, 13 start-ups have been presenting their growth objectives and plans for implementing these to a jury.


Technology e-alert: Targeted, international partner introductions

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) – which has been based at the Innosuisse Secretariat since 2018 – helps Swiss companies to find cooperation partners abroad for their business, innovation and research projects.


The Israel exchange programme is welcoming six participants

Six startups have been selected to join the startup exchange programme with Israel. They will have the opportunity to explore Israel's startup scene through workshops, networking and meeting with potential stakeholders.


Technological innovation thanks to BRIDGE

BRIDGE Discovery is a funding scheme for experienced researchers. In the context of the third call in the beginning of 2019, 79 proposals were evaluated by a panel composed of experts in applied research and research implementation. 10 were selected.


16 companies join Innosuisse’s first scale-up programme

The scale-up coaching program is an intensive two-year program designed for Swiss startups that are less than 5 years and employ at least five full-time equivalents. 16 startups have been selected and will benefit from the new program.


New chair of the Innovation Council: an interview with Alois Zwinggi

We could ask Alois Zwinggi four questions. He has worked for Innosuisse since 2017 and will chair the Innovation Council for a two-year period from January 2020.


363 innovation projects approved

The funding business for innovation projects gained considerable momentum over the course of the year. Innosuisse expects to have received more than 700 applications for innovation projects by the end of the year – around 50 per cent more than in 2018.

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