Impact monitoring by Innosuisse: Completed innovation projects for 2018 and 2021

In order to measure the impact of the funding used, Innosuisse has been conducting systematic impact monitoring for all completed innovation projects since the beginning of 2021. This means that the benefits of innovation promotion can now be demonstrated by means of concrete figures and development tracked over time. Starting in 2023, the results will be integrated for start-up coaching.

The main aim of the support provided by Innosuisse is to increase the innovative strength of the Swiss economy and companies, and in doing so strengthen Switzerland’s long-term competitiveness. The funding agency wants to contribute to positive economic, social and ecological development. The initial results demonstrate the positive impact in terms of strengthening knowledge and technology transfer as well as innovation performance and show concrete measurable economic effects for companies.

The long-term impact of innovation promotion for stakeholders can be assigned to six thrusts (outcomes).


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The impact assessment of the project funding is based on online surveys of the implementation partners at the end of the project and three years later. Therefore, in 2021, all implementation partners of projects completed in the current year (320) and all implementation partners of projects completed three years ago (2018) were surveyed (364).

The survey's response rate was 56% for projects completed in 2018 and 70% for projects completed in 2021. The indicators surveyed refer to the strategic goals of the Federal Council and the formulated outcomes of innovation promotion. Based on the indicators, it is possible for the first time to estimate the economic impact of project funding. This estimate was carried out in cooperation with Ernst Basler und Partner.

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Gérald Walti, CFO

"I am pleased that the results from the first year impressively confirm the positive impacts of Innosuisse’s innovation promotion. The figures show that the implementation of the funded innovation projects creates numerous promising jobs and that the funds invested flow back into the national economy within a short period of time."