Innosuisse Impact analysis 2017

Innosuisse is continuing the impact analyses. With this work, it aims to take the results already obtained from the evaluation further and add to them, focusing on the impact and economic benefit of the funding measures for companies and start-ups. Innosuisse also hopes to gather findings to continue to structure the plan for its impact assessment.

The Federal Council’s strategic objectives stipulate that Innosuisse must submit a general plan for assessing the impact of its funding instruments by the end of 2019. The findings from the first phase of impact analyses will be incorporated into the project.

Documents from phase I of the impact analyses

Phase I of the impact analyses covered both the design and implementation of the existing innovation promotion activities and an analysis of performance and impact. Recommended actions for project funding and start-up promotion were derived from the results. In terms of method, these studies are based on surveys of all companies, research partners and start-ups, qualitative interviews with stakeholders and experts and document analyses.

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