SCCER Accompanying Research 2017-2019

With its Energy Funding Programme, the federal government aims to promote energy research, and thereby support the implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050. A central element of the Programme is the establishment of eight networked inter-university centers of research excellence, known as ‘Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research’ (SCCERs). While the focus of the first funding period (2013-2016) was on establishing the SCCERs, the second funding period (2017-2020) should see the SCCERs, and collaboration, consolidated and strengthened. The Energy Funding Programme is scheduled to run until 2020.

The SCCER Accompanying Research 2017-2019 examined the following areas, and drew up the corresponding recommendations for action:

  1. Networking and (interdisciplinary) collaboration,
  2. Implementation of scientific results,
  3. Preparations for the permanent establishment of the SCCER concept, and
  4. Analysis of the collected set of indicators.

In each case, the research questions were answered by means of an analysis of relevant documents, qualitative interviews, and an online survey among implementation partners (regarding the implementation of scientific results).

The following findings and recommendations are based on the reports on the four areas.

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