Low number of applications 2018/2019

Innosuisse is currently receiving a low number of applications for innovation projects. An external study gives clues as to why.

At the beginning of 2019, the company INTERFACE conducted a total of 40 telephone interviews on behalf of Innosuisse, talking to 20 research partners and 20 implementation partners that had submitted an application to CTI/Innosuisse at least once since 2013.  

Measures taken by Innosuisse

Innosuisse noted INTERFACE’s conclusions and recommendations for action with great interest. It has taken or implemented measures on individual points of criticism by the applicants and on the recommendations for action.

1. Improvements in the application process:

2. Improvement in communication:

  • With the introduction of the Innosuisse newsletter, applicants receive information that is important to them at regular intervals à Links to registration form
  • Innosuisse will continue the roadshows it launched in 2017. Some dates are already known: Innosuisse will appear at EPFL on 11 June and at ETH Zurich on 4 September.
  • Innosuisse is also present at numerous events throughout Switzerland to provide information about the opportunities it offers (Swiss Economic Forum SEF, Start-up Days, Swiss Medtech Day, Swiss NanoConvention, Swiss Digital Day, Swiss Innovation Forum SIF, etc.).


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